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>>>International Guild of Musicians in Dance Summer Retreat at American Dance Festival<<<

June 28-July 3 2018  

Durham, NC

Host/Coordinators:  NATALIE GILBERT and JOHN HANKS

Had enough of winter yet?  Frozen toes and fingers? Cabin fever? Fast forward in your mind to this coming summer, when you'll have a chance to enjoy the warm, sunny climes of the North Carolina piedmont, and witness one of the most exciting dance festivals anywhere! This informal gathering during the American Dance Festival will feature socializing, joint activities, and lots of sharing with fellow dance musicians -- It will be a (much needed if you ask me) chance to reconnect and recharge.

Help us get ready for the event - Even if you are not able to attend, please respond to the questionnaire linked below, no later than February 28th:

Details to follow soon!  And be sure to thank Natalie for this awesome idea.

Have a great day-

Jeff Zahos, President

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