International Guild of Musicians in Dance



The International Guild of Musicians In Dance has been formed to serve the following mission:

  • To research and make known to the world the intricate and rich history of our specific and unique art form;
  • To promote artistic excellence and develop education in the field;
  • To cultivate and encourage increase communication between and within the worlds of music and dance; and
  • To create a forum for the sharing of ideas, information, and resources among its members.

In pursuit of these goals we dedicate ourselves to the following tenets:

  • We shall avoid organizational “exclusivity” and be as comprehensive as possible in our agenda and membership profile;
  • We shall defend and maintain artistry over academe;
  • We shall meaningfully participate in the advancement of the art of dance;
  • We shall strive to keep the bureaucracy of the organization to minimum.


Statement of Purpose

The International Guild of Musicians in Dance is a professional organization dedicated to the development, exploration, and advancement of the unique art form of those musicians who have devoted their artistry to the world of dance.

In seeking to achieve these purposes:

  • We shall gather and disseminate information surrounding the history of our profession by pioneering publication of the International Guild of Musicians in Dance Journal;
  • We shall act to create standards of excellence to help govern the profession while maintaining a freedom of expression that allows all artistic points of view to be heard and explored;
  • We desire to create clear educational goals for the training of musicians in the field, and through this process validate the profession in the eyes of the strict world of academe;
  • We resolve to continue educating our collaborative partners in the vocabulary of our work and, in the specific needs of the dance musician;
  • We shall be dedicated to maintaining an international voice to be heard on issues relevant to the field, particularly as they would affect our stated objectives.

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