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Why Should You Join the International Guild of Musicians in Dance?

The International Guild of Musicians in Dance dedicates itself to being a haven for musicians who work in the field of art dance. Our membership includes musicians who work in universities, schools, and private studios. Each of us has specific concerns that we attempt to address:

  • Isolation: Many of us work in isolation from others in the field. One of our primary reasons for existence is to let each other know that we are not alone in this wide world of music, and to support each other in times of need. One of our important activities is our conference, which is held regularly, where we can meet in person and share our art.
  • Knowledge: We exist to share knowledge about our art with each other. Such knowledge is hard-won, and if we can share it with each other, our lives become easier. This function is served by the listserv, and through our web site, and our publications.
  • Advocacy: We try to advance the cause for live music in the studio and on stage, as well as advocate for pay rights and hiring rights. This takes place through individual member's effort, the listserv, and through the efforts of the officers.
  • Support: We make efforts through web links and music promotion to help our members succeed in their art.

Joining the Guild helps build critical mass for our efforts, and makes you part of a group of passionate musicians who ardently believe in the integral part music plays in the dance. That's why we call ourselves the International Guild of Musicians IN Dance, and why the "IN" stays in our acronym, IGMID.

Join the Guild!

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