International Guild of Musicians in Dance
Officers serve for two years.
  • The President leads the organization.
  • The Vice President assists and advises the president.
  • The Secretary takes the minutes of the annual meeting and conducts elections.
  • The Treasurer collects dues and disburses funds.
  • The CFO maintains organization charter, tax status, etc.

Current officers 2017-2019:


  • Jeff Zahos, President email
  • Bill Patterson, Vice President email
  • Seth Warren-Crow, Secretary email
  • Tamara Wilcox, Treasurer email


  • Larry Attaway, Chief Financial Officer email
  • Suzanne Knosp, Historian/Archivist email

Past Presidents:

  • Alan Terricciano, President Fall 2013-2016
  • Suzanne Knosp
  • John Toenjes
  • Rob Kaplan 2000-2004
  • Larry Attaway
  • Bill Moulton
Other Past Officers:
  • Seth Warren-Crow, Vice President 2012-2015
  • David Karagianis 2000-2004
  • Jeff Zahos, Secretary 2015-2016
  • Tamara Wilcox, Treasurer 2013-2015
  • Larry Attaway, CFO
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